Visitor Center with Boy Scout Troop

Crystal Lake Visitor Center (USFS) as of 06/Oct/2020 -- The CAMPGROUND ARE OPEN

The Center's location is North 34 degrees, 19.457 by West 117 degrees, 50.115 at 5635 feet.

The Visitor Center opens from time to time and has Forest Service and volunteers inside which can assist you with questions, maps, or anything else you might need a Ranger for. On Saturdays the Visitor Center often has a volunteer named Koo who is very helpful!

The U. S. Forest Service Visitor Center is located about two miles further up the road after passing through the Crystal Lake main gates. The Center consists of a single building on the edge of a large parking area right across from the privately owned Cafe and Trading Post.

When the Center is open, a USFS employee or volunteer will be there to answer questions and provide whatever assistance might be needed. A number of articles such as maps will probably be available and will be offered for free.

There is a broken telephone located outside of the Center however it is unlikely that the phone will be repaired. Verizon has no plans to repair the phone and refuse to do so.

The USFS employees or volunteers at the Center may be able to request emergency medical aid via radio or telephone though there may be instances where contact with medical rescue is delayed or impossible. There is no cell telephone network service at Crystal Lake.

The Visitor Center sustained some damage in the aftermath of the fires and heavy rains however the grounds themselves around the structure have been cleaned up and repaired and the Center has been newly painted.

Site map is at: Crystal Lake site map

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