Main parking lot and Cafe / Trading Post

Cafe and Trading Post as of 06/Oct/2020 -- CURRENTLY OPEN

Sunday: 7AM - 6PM
Monday: 7AM - 6PM
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday thru Friday: 7AM - 6PM
Saturday: 7AM - 8PM
(Hours may be subject to change)

The Crystal Lake trading post, snack bar, and cafe serves up hot and cold meals and drinks every day except for Tuesday.

There is a warm stove in the order-and-takeout section of the kitchen and there are a few tables with chairs for people to wait inside as their meals are assembled and served.

Outside of the kitchen itself there is a large open patio with six or seven tables next to an array of gas and charcoal grills for outdoor cooking of such things as BBQ chicken and fire-cooked hot dogs.

The current menu does not include the Daily Specials which are posted on the signs outside. The prices and availability of some items may change so please be sure to check the menu at the counter. And be sure to let the cook know how much you enjoyed his cooking! :)

(Note that prices shown do not include the sales tax)

Breakfast Burrito Flour tortilla with eggs, cheese, hash browns, choice of chorizo or sausage $7.50
Adams signature Brownies and Banana-Nut-Bread per slice Homemade brownies and nut bread, made from scratch, not from a store-bought box! $2.75
Hamburger / Cheeseburger 1/4 pound patty with lettuce, tomato, pickles, and onions, Thousand Island dressing on sesame bun $5.00, with cheese $5.50
All Beef Hot Dog 1/4 pound hot dog with available toppings of onions, relish, ketchup, and mustard $4.25, Chili Cheese Dog $5.50
Charbroiled chicken sandich Herb marinated chicken breast with melted swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and pickles, on white, wheat, or sesame seed bun. Served with Aioli Sauce (French garlic mayonnaise) $7.50
Adam's signature Tuna sandwich White albacore tuna with minced celery, carrots with light olive oil mayo. Lettuce and tomato on the side with dill pickles. White or wheat bread $7.50
Grilled cheese sandwich Choice of white or wheat bread $5.75
Grilled Chicken Wrap Flour tortilla with grilled chicken strips, lettuce, tomato, Swiss Cheese and Aioli sauce (French garlic mayonnaise) $7.50
*Adam's signature Trading Post Chili* Cup of chili with meat and beans, 16 oz. Served with grated cheese and onion. Our chilibeans have become very popular! $4.50
Simple Nachos Platter of chips with cheese and jalapeno peppers. $4.25
Chili Cheese Nachos Platter of chips with cheese, jalapeno peppers, and our famous chili! $5.50
Simple Chips and Salsa Platter of chips with salsa and jalapeno peppers. $4.25
French Fries Ask about adding chili and cheese! $2.50
Drinks Coffee / $2.25
Hot tea / $2.25
Cappuccino / $3.25
Hot chocolate / $3.25
Fountain drinks / $2.25
Soda cans / $1.75
Water 16oz. / $1.75
Gatorade / $3.00
Red Bull/Monster / $4.00
Daily Specials often include a variety of cold sandwiches with different cuts and seasoning that may change from day to day.
If we can make something special for you, please ask!

The Cafe building is historic, the wonderful rock-and-concrete walls were built a long time ago. Pine trees used to grow on the patio side of the building but over the years tree branches have splintered off and caused damage until eventually the large trees threatened to cause major damage to the store so they had to be removed.

The U. S. Forest Service Visitor Center across the parking lot from the Cafe looks today just like it did back in the 1960's, and one can see from the Old Tyme photographs on this web site what the Cafe and Visitor Center used to look like.

Site map is at: Crystal Lake site map

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