Today we have a special treat, none other than the Trailbuilders' very own Ben White has written about what was accomplished today! Here is what happened today:

Well, this will be a very poor report, compared to what you are used to as Fred wasn't able to come out with us this time and I forgot my camera in the morning rush.

We had a very large crew to finish the bridge approaches to the Laurel Gulch Bridge. A hard working crew from Cal Poly Pomona came out and they worked very hard with us all and by the time I reached the bridge site, our Trailbuilders had everything buzzing with activity.

We completed the lower approach to the bridge, many bucket loads of rock and then sand were delivered by all the volunteers, and there were even two volunteers filling in gaps in the flanking walls (the uphill side was about 6 feet tall) with small stones and sand from outside the structure.

In short order the lower approach was finished.

We next concentrated on backfilling the upper approach, it was much easier as there wasn't as much volume to fill, the crew kept returning with buckets of material for fill and suddenly, we had finished the approach.

We broke for lunch, there were some stories floating around, some of them acturally true, while we rested and ate.

After lunch we installed the remaining angle bracket, filled some cracks that appeared in the wood with wood preservative and gathered everything that was left for the return trip. Just as we started out we had a small and welcome rain shower, and later I heard some thunder in the distance.

When we all gathered at Heaton Flat, there was a lengthly discussion about some of the flowering plants that we had seen on the trail coming down that bloomed duing the time that we were working on the bridge. Also, there was interest in the group in the tamarask removal program that the fisheries group that was working in the vicinity of Laurel Gulch Bridge today, and some hikers were interested in this program too.

When we got to the Gateway Visitor Center, and delivering all the ride share folks there, there was another convey of trucks, loaded with SSTs[1] ready to go to Crystal Lake early Sunday morning parked at the Gateway Center. We had an interesting conversation with the truck drivers, once again, and told them to have a safe trip on the way to Crystal Lake.

I am writing this on Saturday, after returning stiff and sore from our work and trip, but need to because I am sure to forget some details!

Next week, our work day on Saturday the 6th of June, we'll have two Boy Scout Groups out with us along with all the usual suspects, so please plan on joining us for the fun. We'll be working on the East Fork again, there is no end to the work there.

Special thanks to the San Gabriel Valley Conservation Corps for their help in doing a lot of work on the trail leading to the bridge site. Everyone have a good rest of the weekend, best regards, Ben

SSTs [1] -- Waterless toilets. You can see information about the project to install SSTs for more information.

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