Today the San Gabriel Mountains Trailbuilders examined one of the old rock toilet facilities at the Crystal Lake Recreation Area located within the Angeles National Forest of the San Gabriel Mountains.

The question was whether the facility could be rebuilt so that the building could be used for something else such as for a secondary information center or for literature storage, an education center, or for pretty much anything else one might think of.

After considerable examination and thinking, conceivably the building would be gutted and refitted for other use after four days of effort, including repairing the wood shingle roofing and applying fire retardant, fire alarms, fire extinguishers, and pretty much everything else that is needed for safe occupation within the State of California's regulatory guidelines.

The surrounding grounds were also examined to see what it would take to landscape with native plants and to make access to the old building easy enough for very small children.

Here are photographs of that surveying effort.

* Wood shingle roof anciel toilet at Crystal Lake -- some snow
* The awesome stone and concrete bridge walk way to the facility
* The front of the building
* The side walk way to the facility also nice stone and concrete
* The back entry in to the facility
* Another look at the front of the facility
* One side of the facility
* The other side of the facility and the front entry
* Glass windows would require some repairs
* More broken glass in a set of three windows
* Two more windows that would requite some rework
* The stalls would need to be extracted and recycled
* There are sinks in the facility with plumbing to cap off
* Walls would need to be plastered, sanded, and painted
* Ceilings would require some work
* More ceiling work to eliminate leaking
* There is electricity available at the facility
* A closer look at the walk way -- some work is needed around the grounds
* Outside metal shielding for the windows
* The shingle roofing would need to be repaired and get treated
* A view of the parking lot from the walk way to the ampitheature
* A view of the hillside where the old Ranger station used to be
* A view of the hillside where the old Ranger station used to be

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