Ben White reports on today's efforts:

We had a very nice turn out to help Trevor on his Eagle Scout Project at Crystal Lake. The weather was great for working, cool and clear with the fog drifting in in the afternoon for a mystical trip back down to Rincon in the afternoon.

We worked on the Soldier Creek Bridge, removed all of the rotting wood in preparation for the next day's work on the 18th of July when we will return to help with the project.

Also Lou and Ben Garcia and others worked on building rock retaining walls below the bridge where the slough off has always been a problem.

Meanwhile, Wayne worked with another crew to redo the start of the trail near the new bathrooms near the Amphitheater. But wait, there's more! Bron, with a crew of scouts and dads and trailbuilders and trailbuilder Ernesto, started improving the Pinyon Ridge Trail head right after the bridge and beyond.

Bron's crew removed many stumble rocks and filled in eroded areas with material from a nearby barrow pit and removed the berm. Did I say there was more? Yes, Jeanette worked on the trail from the parking lot to the bridge and really made the whole thing look spiffy. And what was Ben doing surrounded by all this activity you may ask? You can ask of course. Ha!!

Please mark your calendars for our next group of projects. We will maintain our regular schedule of work on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Saturday when not working on the following dates:

July 4th-Holiday, have a good one!!

July 11th-Ryan's Eagle Scout Project, East Fork of the San Gabriel River, rock outcropping-trail improvement. The Backcountry Horsemen will assist Ryan in hauling in and out heavy equipment necessary for this project. The trailbuilders will need lots of help to to supervise this project so hope you all can come out. There will be plenty of water in the river to cool off with too, and this project is mainly in the shade, about 1 and 1/4 miles from Heaton Flat.

July 18th-Return to Crystal Lake to finish the Soldier Creek Bridge with Trevor's Eagle Scout project and build walls and move trail fill. For the most part these projects are in the shade too.

August 1st-Michael's Eagle Scout Project, East Fork of the San Gabriel River, high water passage. This project is less than 1/8 of a mile from Heaton Flat. Getting wet guaranteed with this one. Should be fun and when finished will be a large improvement.

TBA in October-Another Eagle Scout project, improvement of East Fork Trail about 1 and 1/2 miles up from Heaton Flat.

And a note from Lois. If you are not current in your cards, here is a chance to renew.

Just to let you know that if anyone (Senior Volunteers as well as New Volunteers) needs: Basic CPR First Aid, there will be a class on July 25th at the Rincon Fire Station given by Jennifer Sanchez. The class will start at 8:00am for those that need the class PLEASE call 626-910-1151 and leave Jennifer a RSVP message or you can email her at jsanchez@fs.fed.us

Hope to see everyone out working with us. Best regards, Ben

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