Rework trail on the way down

It had been reported by a hiker (David Y.) that a section of the Upper Bear Creek Trail had slid off into the canyon below and that the trail just past mile marker 2 was not passable any longer, so today volunteers of the San Gabriel Mountains Trailbuilders hiked up to the mission section to assess what would be needed for repairs.

Trail outage: North 34 degrees 17.575 by West 117 degrees 51.374 at 4175 feet.

Boulder to remove: North 34 degrees 17.523 by West 117 degrees 61.359.

Rebar in trail (3 rods) that need to be removed: North 34 degrees 17.369 by West 117 degrees 50.829 at 3804 feet.

Five volunteers hiked up, leaving behind a larger number of volunteers to resume working on the foot bridge going in behind the Environmental Education Center at Rincon Station. Since we didn't know what the condition of the missing section would be, w brought along trail working tools in case we could do something to make the section safe and passable.

The missing section is almost exactly at the 2.25 mile mark, and what we found was that the report we had received was a good one: roughly 15 feet was missing and what was left on the side of the hill was a wide rock face.

There wasn't any further trail that could be reworked to make the trail usable, and there was no way to dig in to the rock face to establish a trail. Instead we strung a rope across the missing section to try to discourage people from attempting to cross. We took photographs and measurements so we could decide how rebuild that section.

On the way down we did some minor trail work and then met up with the larger group of volunteers at the Education Center.


* Hiking up to the missing trail section
* We pause at around the one mile marker
* And then resume the hike up
* A look across the canyons. There is water running down there
* Around mile marker 2.24 a boulder needs to be removed from the trail
* Our first look at the missing trail section
* Looking straight down into the canyon below
* Wayne poses for perspective
* And then Wayne poses for a better photograph for perspective
* The rock face where the trail is missing
* A closer look at the rock where the trail used to be
* Looking at the friable granite
* Looking at the friable granite
* Another look at the missing section
* Looking across the section at the next ravine that crosses the trail
* We stand around discussing what might be done
* Using a rope I climb down in to the ravine below
* Looking up from below to see what building materials are available
* I work my way a bit more West and look up
* I'm below the missing section looking up
* From the middle of the ravine looking out across the far canyons
* And another look up for perspective
* We use the rope to block off the trail
* Another look at the section
* A tape nmeasure is brought out 11 feet and laid across the rock
* Wayne instructs a simulated hiker not to pass the barricade }:-}
* We gather our tools and head back down
* A look at the Upper Bear Creek Trail
* Along the way we rework sections of the trail
* More work on the trail on the way down

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