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15/Dec/07: Environmental Education Center Lower Bridge

Greetings, everyone on the Internets!

It was another great day in the mountains! Well, actually today was kind of a strange day in that we didn't get done what we had originally set out to do.

Plan "A" was that we would head up to Windy Gap Trail and put some more large boulders on the top of the retaining wall that so many volunteers had developed the last two outings we had however after driving up we found that there was too much snow to make working on the wall as safe as we normally like.

So we packed up, implemented plan "B" and then headed back down the mountain to the Environmental Education Center and worked on the bridge footing for the new lower bridge that is slowly going in.

This was fun! We had two young volunteers who did the heavy boulder moving using a grip hoist while the rest of us carted concrete dogbones (60 pounds each) around, shoveled gravel, and basically had fun digging up the previous footing, laying it back down, picking it up again, and laying it down again.

Tom wants the bridge to be as level flat as possible and yet these old concrete dogbones we're using up there have different geometrics. The lengths are generally all about the same however the width and depth as well as the roughness or smoothness of each bone are different, apparently depending upon when they were made and who made them.

So our engineering team (that would be Tom and Mike) measured, laid down bones, measured, picked up bones, measured, laid down bones, measured... Ha! I got to sit on a pile of dogbones, relax, and enjoy the day while the rest played with the geometry of the stack that must meet the highest standards of perfection!

So it was another great day in the San Gabriel River Ranger District, volunteering in the Angeles Forest.

* Waiting at the Valley of the Moon for the rest of the crew
* While waiting I stand on the barricade walking along the pipe. Why not?
* Mike drives through the gate
* Bron gets through the gate
* And when everyone is through, Tom closes the gate
* Ben (our fearless leader!) is the last through the gate today
* Up at crystal lake there is snow in quite a few places
* Some of the areas in shade are quite deep in snow
* The Visitor Center USFS is covered in snow
* Bobcat prints in the snow
* Another lkoook around the Visitor Center
* Across the way under the oak trees there isn't much snow
* Out in direct sunlight the snow has been melting
* And another look at the snow
* And another look at the snow
* On the drive down the mountain after we decide there is too much snow
* On the drive down the mountain after we decide there is too much snow
* On the drive down the mountain after we decide there is too much snow
* On the drive down the mountain after we decide there is too much snow
* Tom lets me out of the pickup and I bicycle down
* I stop in at Coldbrook Campground. No snow there!
* I get down to the Environmental Education Center in time to stand around
* The upper bridge is porting a little bit of water
* On the lower bridge footing we excavate the dogbones we installed previously
* A look at the area from above over the work site
* Bron and another volunteer work on moving boulders
* A grip hoist and chain was used to move boulders around
* Tom gets down to the last dogbone
* One of the other volunteers works the grip hoist handle and cable
* You can see the other bridge footing and the long leveling tool
* Cold weather and my camera doesn't work very well
* One of the volunteers keeps the chain wrapped boulder moving
* At the bridge footing the dogbones are going back in
* Ben and Bron watch the younger volunteers moving boulders with grip hoist
* Mike and Alen watch Tom get ready to start taking in dogbones and dirt

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