Ryan reports on the work effort today:

Dear Troop 636, family, and friends,

I would like to thank all of people that volunteered their time to work on my Eagle Project. Because of your hard work and support, it turned out successfully.

Amazingly everybody who signed up showed by 5:00 AM and we left almost on time. We overcame two freeway closures, the blazing heat, the mule service confusion, and the griphoist crank being left behind.

Thank you so much for pitching in to help carry in many supplies that the mules unexpectedly couldn't bring to my job site. Without your help, we couldn't have eaten or stayed hydrated in the heat, which Mr. Draganov and Mr. White estimated close to 100 degrees.

At the end of my project, the total consumed liquid was a whopping 231 waters, 108 gatorades, and 54 Hanson Sodas!

We were able to fix up the 70 ft section of the destroyed trail and also extended the site by constructing a very nice trail farther above my project. On my Eagle Project site, we constructed steps using the griphoist and carved in foot places so people would easily traverse the steep, rocky part.

Also, we filled in the upper section with tons of buckets of gravel.

Using Justin and Brennan's great idea of pulling buckets up from the creek to the top using chains we completed this fairly quickly. With this gravel we flattened a good portion of the trail.

At the end of my planned Project's area, we using big bars and gas-powered drills to cut away as much rock as we could from the narrow ledge and wiped all of the dirt and rocks off this slippery rock.

Lastly, on the extension to my Trailbuilding Project, we cleared the trail section up ahead and created steps on some steep sections.

Overall, everyone's combined effort made this successful!

Even with all of the delays, we finished my project and even extended the perimeter of it with the help of many San Gabriel Mountain Trail Builders volunteers. The only section unfinished was about 20 ft where the rock wouldn't budge even after many hours of hard drilling and bar work. We finally decided that the rock just wouldn't cut and would have taken some full days of straight drilling and hard work.

I really appreciate the dedicated work everyone put in even in the dusty, burning conditions.

The following is a list of the generous volunteers that helped make my project a huge success:

Trushaa Castelino
Luke Dorman
Bron Draganov
Anthony Finley
Alex Garabedian
Patty George
Zach Gleason
Heather Hendron
James Hendron
Laurie Hendron
Trevor Hendron
Charles Hughes
Brennan Kane
Hamid Lalani
Samir Lalani
Justin Montes
Rick Nakano
Bill Newill
Chad Newill
Teresa Newill
Ameya Nilkanth
Mihir Nilkanth
Vinay Nilkanth
Jack Pechac
Sam Pechac
David Reed
Graham Safford
Fredi Seraydarian
Lia Seraydarian
Mark Seraydarian
Paul Seraydarian
Carmen Sjelin
Steve Sjelin
Steven Sjelin
Allen Takatsuka
Ryan Takatsuka
Evan Uyeda
Nolan Wickham

Thank you for your help!

YIS, [1]

Ryan Newill

[1] Yours In Scouting

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