Last tread in place

A lot of work got done working on the Laurel Gulch bridge being assembled at the Rincon Fire Station today to the point where about the last thing that needs to be done is assemble the hand railing, number all the pieces, and then we're almost done with the main assembly phase. Four end pieces of lumber must be fitted, perhaps drilled, and installed.

The last center tread was cut and fitted in to place after being treated with deadly poison, then various bolts that had been broken were removed and replaced with heavier bolts. The curbs were set in to place, drilled, and then bolted to the treads and to the main support beams. The uprights for the handrails were then bolted on.

It sounds like it was quick work but in fact it was a full day with much time and effort spent doing measurements and adjusting. There was a lot of work done with the belt sander at each point where the uprights were to be installed.

Prior to beginning the day's work, the work site was cleaned up a bit with tripping hazards being removed and the entire bridge itself was moved about 2 or 3 feet North to make more room around the bridge so that we could work a bit more safely. Sawdust and little bits of wood were swept up and the general area was policed so that the area was made clean.

Finished for the day

Much work still needs to be done, though. The railings will need to be treated with wood sealant and then perhaps some kind of poly coating. Most of the bridge will need to be disassembled and get bundled in to weighted packages for transport. The remaining bridge section itself must be readied for air transport. All the concrete and other materials and equipment must likewise be sorted through for transport.

Upon arriving at Laurel Gulch, the concrete footings will need to be set in to forms which still need to be built, then after that has dried the main bridge section will need to be set on to the footings, then the re-assembly effort will be able to get under way.

A slight problem has caused the project to be delayed for several months which give the San Gabriel Mountains Trailbuilders and the U. S. Forest Service more time to get everything done that needs to be done.

It was rather hot out in the exposed concrete apron where we are working but fortunately we had an ice chest with soda and lemon drink of some kind, and there was an occasional cool breeze. Across the way at the Rincon Environmental Education Center there were over 200 Girl Scouts and whatnot planting trees and singing songs.

* The last center tread is bolted in to place
* A look at the bridge so far as we start the day's effort
* Inside the tool shed looking out -- what the tools see
* Tom takes a belt sander to the areas where the uprights are to be installed
* The curbs get drilled
* The work site has been cleaned up a bit
* Some of the uprights for the handrails have been bolted in to place
* Across the street a lot of Girl Scouts are doing volunteer work
* Another view of the Girl Scouts at the Environmental Education Center
* Another view of the Girl Scouts at the Environmental Education Center
* Another view of the Girl Scouts at the Environmental Education Center
* We take another look at the lower bridge at the Environmental Ed Center
* On the way back to the bridge building we take another look at Girl Scouts
* After lunch we resume working on the uprights and curbs
* Some ancient electronics at Rincon, dead telephone alarm system
* The last curb gets bolted in to place
* Toward the end of the evening this is what the bridge looks like so far
* One last look at the bridge

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