Welcome to Fredric's creativing writings, provided on the Crystal Lake Recreation Area web site. Here you will find links to some of the more successful short stories written by me, some of which have been published out in the real world. most of which have been distributed solely on the Internet.

The places, people, and incidents described in these stories are probably accurate though they may be fictional -- that's the way it is with fiction writing, a mix of real life and fantasy, and there really is no way to tell them apart without a concensus among other people who may very well be just as crazy as I am.

So read these stories and either believe them or not as you see fit. And if you happen to see yourself accurately described somewhere, that's just a coincidence.

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The creative writings of Fredric L. Rice are intended for entertainment purposes and any person (living or dead,) place, or incident described within his writings is coincidence. This work is Copyrighted by Fredric L. Rice and may be reproduced freely provided no renumeration is received for doing so.

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